Light on New York's founders

An artistic celebration of New York’s founders,or:
How New York became this amazing and diverse City of Opportunity.
Starting in 2023 with a grand finale in Downtown Manhattan in 2025.
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We are commissioning innovative visual artists to create a series of projections, holograms, light sculptures, videos, documentaries, short films, paintings and performances of New York’s founders. Their eventful life stories will inspire us 21st century city-dwellers.

Accompanied by lively recordings based on the experiences of the early settlers and the Munsee, Manhattan’s American Indians, Origins will provide visitors with a dynamic step back in time to the beginnings of New Amsterdam / early New York.

Downtown Manhattan, NYC

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Starting in 2023 we'll commission visual artists to create a video, animation, projection, hologram, light sculpture, painting, short film, documentaire or performance inspired by one of NY's founders: Catalina Tricot and Joris Rapalje by a French and a Belgian artist, Anthony van Salee and Griet Reyniers for a Dutch/Moroccan artist, a Polish or Lithuanian artist for Asser Levy, etc. Leading up to 2025 the lives and legacies of 16 men and women who founded NYC will inspire us 21st century city-dwellers. There is still plenty of opportunity for refinements and additions. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates about this celebration of New Amsterdam/New York's legacy.

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Meet some of New York's founders

  • American Indian Portrait
    American Indians (America)

    The original settlers of ‘Mannahatta’, or ‘Manahatouh’ in the Munsee language: ‘the place where we get bows’.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Henry Hudson (England)

    Henry Hudson dropped anchor in NY Harbor early September 1609 with his ship ‘Halve Maen’ (Half Moon).

  • American Indian Portrait
    Petrus Stuyvesant (Dutch Republic)

    New Amsterdam’s one-legged, powerful and last Governor.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Catalina Tricot (France/Wallonia)

    Great-grandmother of over 1,000,000 Americans, with her Walloon husband Joris Rapalje.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Asser Levy (Poland or Germany)

    Jewish activist, merchant, butcher and a successful mediator.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Griet Reyniers (Dutch Republic)

    New Amsterdam’s notorious prostitute, wife of the Moroccan pirate Anthony van Salee, and related to the Vanderbilts.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Adriaen van der Donck (Dutch Republic)

    Lawyer, landowner, writer and activist, whose nickname ‘Jonker’ lives on in the name of the city of Yonkers.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Jan Rodrigues (Dominican Republic)

    New York’s first non-native American settler, who lived on Manhattan in the winter of 1613.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Manuel (West coast of Africa)

    Survivor of a public hanging, one of the first freed slaves in New York, and a pioneering farmer on what is now Washington Square Park.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Margrieta van Varick (Dutch Republic)

    A 17th century businesswoman. After her arrival in Flatbush (Brooklyn) with her minister husband Rudolphus in 1686, she set up a textile shop.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Jacob Leisler (Germany)

    An influential business- and political figure who was pardoned shortly after being executed by the British.

  • American Indian Portrait
    Govert Loockermans (Belgium/Flanders)

    From rags to riches: cook’s mate, clerc, very wealthy merchant, brewer, founding father of NYC.


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